"Very strong tracks" ” - Jim Gellatly

— Amazing Radio on "Just Like Before/Another Light", August 2020

"A good voice and the chorus is pretty anthemic"” - Eddy Temple-Morris

— Virgin Radio DJ on listening to "Opener" September, 2021

"An Excellent Release - Two very different songs showcasing a serious amount of Artistic Breadth"” - Eddie Stuart

— KCR 107.7 FM on "Just Like Before/Another Light", August 2020

"Artists who consistently reinvent themselves typically yield a longer shelf-life. David Bowie, Madonna and Sir Paul McCartney are a few artists who used reinvention to stay relevant and prolong their careers. Add Scotsman Danny Mortimer Music to that list. After a decade in live music, creating great songs for gig-goers and radio listeners to enjoy, Danny has taken the unusual step to reinvent his sound early in his career, but to great effect!"” - The Max Radio
"Excellent performance, two songs that I could easily hear on the radio. Main thing that caught me was the Songwriting. And Danny's work moving about on stage was excellent. I always think it must be difficult, to play guitar, playing lead stuff like that and moving about so much, so well done"” - Tom Russell, "The Godfather of Rock"

— After Danny Mortimer's performance at the O2 ABC Glasgow, February 2018.

"After a scuzzy hard-rock riff as a prelude, Opener unravels as a lyrically tender Trans-Atlantic time capsule to the 90's with hints of both Paul Draper and early FNM Mike Patton in the vocals that pour plenty of soul into the otherwise strident and emotionally-charged track".” - Review by Amelia Vandergast

A&R Factory Review on "Opener"

"Danny Mortimer's Debut EP "Out Of The Blue' is a fresh collection of downright honest music. He lays it all out there, singing about real things that apply to us all in everyday life, with an emphasis on relationships. What's more, he delivers this in a way that makes you want to listen to it. The EP is extremely upbeat, it'll put a smile on your face and a swing in your step. Its the sort of music that makes those of us who only listen to music, wish we'd learned how to make it. I could go on but, you get the idea. Even on your worst day, I dare you to listen to this EP and not crack a smile, even if only for a second." ” - Review by LJ

— Alternative Promotions, April 2016.

"An Indie Rocker who likes to get the vibe alive and he rocks in the door here with his new Single"” - Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

A&R Factory